Cellphones that work on Wind Mobile/Mobilicity

Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are new cellphone companies in Canada. Wind Mobile is operated by Globalive and launched in Toronto on December 16, 2009. Wind Mobile currently services Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Mobilicity recently launched on May 15, 2010 and currently available in selected areas in the Greater Toronto Area.

Both companies operate using Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum similar to T-mobile in the United States. Wind entered the Canadian market offering three mobile voice plans at $15, $35, and $45 monthly, as well as data plans at $35 monthly. Meanwhile, Mobilicity launched with 6 different plans offering a variety of unlimited talk and text plans.

Currently these companies offer a few selection of phones, here we have listed other phones which are compatible with Mobilicity and Wind Mobile. In most cases, we have tested the quality of the reception on Wind Mobile, however, once we get a Mobilicity account we will update this with our reviews on Mobilicity. In any case, phones listed here are compatible with both networks. Also check out out Windows Phone 7 list for additional phones.

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Updated November 2012: Check out our list of Wind Mobile and Mobilicity compatible phones for 2012!


Blackberry Bold 9700
retail price: $450 CDNRIM’s successor to the original Bold. It is a smartphone that is small, sleek and very durable. This phone was tested on the Wind Mobile network and the call quality is excellent.
BlackBerry Curve 3G – Newretail price: $250CDNRIM recently release this affordable blackberry for AWS networks like Windmobile, T-mobile and Mobilicity. The BB Curve keeps the traditional look and feel and the quality that you expect from blackberrys in general.
BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105retail price: ???The Pearl 3G 9105 is set to be the smallest Blackberry on the market, with HSDPA as well as Wi-Fi and GPS as standard. The phone has a 3.2-megapixel camera and included expandible memory card slot. This phone is will be compatible with Wind Mobile and compatible with Mobilicity. We have not tested this phone yet.
BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100 retail price: ???Blackberry is set to release another phone that will be compatible with Wind Mobile. The 9100 is set to be a great upgrade from the oringinal Pearl and will include support for the Wind Mobile/Mobilicity network. Release date is to be determined.
Garmin-Asus Garmifoneretail price: $250 CDNGarmifone! yes, its a strange name for a phone but it works with Wind Mobile. It features a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, a microSD expansion slot, WiFi, and a fully integrated mapping system using Android. Standard is a huge 3.5 inch high-res touch screen.
Google Nexus One (N1)
retail price: $535 CDNGoogle’s much hyped smartphone! The Nexus One built by HTC is compatible with Wind Mobile and pushes the boundaries of smartphone. It is a direct competitor to the iPhone. The N1 runs on Google’s Android operating system and has a responsive touchscreen and is sleek in the hand. The phone runs smoothly on the Wind Mobile network, the voice is clear and loud. N1 3G usage on Wind Mobile is currently inconsistent, but this is probably due to the technical expansion of the Wind Mobile network. With Wind continually adding more towers and improving their networks, we probably won’t have to wait too long until 3G on Wind is consistently at full speed. This phone is also fully compatible with Mobilicity.
HTC Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1)
retail price: $400 CDNThis is a 3G enabled smartphone that runs on the Google Andriod operating system. The HTC Dream has the best of both worlds in terms of smartphones. It has a responsive touch screen and also a full keyboard for those who love to text message. The Dream has a micro SD card slot for additional memory and is easily setup on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity. Reception on Wind was great! We plugged in the SIM card and HTC was ready to go. Recognizing the Wind Mobile network with full reception.
HTC Magic (also known as T-Mobile myTouch)
retail price: $400 CDNThe HTC Magic runs on Andriod as well and comes pre-installed various Google services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, Youtube and more. Unlike the Dream, the HTC magic is touchscreen only. The touchscreen is responsive and the unit includes a 3.2 megapixel camera. Setup was a breeze and reception was excellent on Wind Mobile network. The signal seem to always be at full bars. Voice was clear and loud on both ends of the phone. During a 20min conversation, the phone stayed cool to touch.
HTC Mapleretail price: $250 CDNThis is HTC’s version of the Blackberry. It is sleek and includes a trackball functionality to navigate the screens. The keyboard keys are space out nicely and are not too cramped. The reception was excellent comparable to those higher end and higher priced models.
Huawei U1250
retail price: $70 CDNThis is probably one of the best Wind Mobile compatible phones that we have tried. The reception on it is excellent and voice quality is top noche! Not bad for an entry level phone.
Huawei U3200 -newretail price: $90 CDNSometimes, we just want a simple phonethat does 1 thing well: Make calls! If you’re not interested in the bells and whistles and additional features, this phone is perfect. It doesn’t cost much and reception is good.
Motorola Backflipretail price: $350 CDNHere’s another new phone released by Motorola. The Backflip is a phone that incorporates a lot of features including a spacious QWERTY keyboard. The Backflip runs on the Android system and reviewing the specs on Motorola, this phone has support for the AWS Wind network or Mobilicity. We haven’t yet got our hands on this phone, but so far it looks fairly chunky.
Motorola DEXT MB220
retail price: $450 CDNThis smartphone is a slider style phone providing a touch sensitive display and a full QWERTY keyboard. It is packed with many features included a 5 megapixel camera, a 3.1 inch screen and can play a variety of video formats. This phone also has a microSD card for extra storage of your media files. This phone also runs on the Andriod operating system and easily compatible with Wind Mobile/Mobilicity. In general this phone is well rounded with many features, however, we had a difficult time connecting our bluetooth headset to the phone. Every now and then, the connection would be lost.
Motorola Quench (Also know as Cliq XT)retail price: $430 CDNThe Quench is a very nice smartphone with all the bells and whistles. It comes with standard 5 megapixel camera and 3.1 inche touch screen. The phone runs on Android and the touch screen is very fast and responsive. Voice quality is superb, we noticed that the signal strength was always full bars on Wind Mobile. We have not tested on Mobilicity but it should be fully compatible.
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
retail price: $250 CDNThe Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is a phone that is compatible with Wind Mobile. As with most Nokia products, the navigation is responsive and we found no delay in moving from menu to menu. This is a compact phone with only a 2.4 inch display. Some features include FM Radiom 3.2 megapixel camera, bluetooth and microSD slot. With this phone we had to change the defualt settings so that it can connect to Wind or Mobilicity. Good call clarity however, for some strange reason, the signal kept jumping from full to about 75% then back to full.
Nokia N900
retail price: $800The N900 is probably one of Nokia’s most popular smartphone. It comes with a touch-friendly interface and also a full slide out keyboard for text messaging lovers. The N900 is customizable from icons to background screens. Again, this phone is compatible with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity and in our test probably had one of the best receptions. The only downfall of this phone is the price. At $700-800 CDN, you can probably get 2 smartphones in its place.
Nokia 5230
retail price: $180 CDNThe Nokia 5230 sold by Wind Mobile an impressive touch screen phone. It offers a colourful 3.2 inch TFT touch screen that is able to display up to 16 million colours within its 360 x 640 pixel screen size perfect for view photos and videos. It comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera that can also record videos. Reception was excellent and we were surprise by the long battery life as well.
Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
retail price: $250 CDNThe Nokia 5330 is a simple and fully featured phone with a smaller price tag. This phone has slide out keys and 3.2 megapixel camera. The screen is somewhat small, but worth the money for those who want a basic quality phone that can play videos and music. On the Wind Mobile network, the phone has great call quality.
Nokia 3555
retail price: $80 CDNThe Nokia 3555 is a quad band GSM clamshell phone that is compatible with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. This basic phone includes a variety of features to keep you entertained including: FM radio, MP3 (supports MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA), Bluetooth, a VGA camera, and a selection of voice commands for dialing, commands, recording, speakerphone and push-to-talk.
Nokia 6263
retail price: $70 CDNThe Nokia 6263 supports the Wind Mobile network at 1700Mhz band. This is another basic phone with some features such as a large exterior mounted music keys for easy access to saved music tracks and a 1.3 Mega pixel Camera. On the Wind Mobile network, the reception was average. Voices quality was somewhat soft but still good enough for everyday talking.
Samsung T659 Scarlet
retail price: $50 CDNThe scarlet is a pretty basic and affordable phone. It is a slider phone with 3G connectivity and built-in GPS. Features include bluetoth, support for music and video playback and a 2.5 megapixel camera. We found that the reception was great and the signal levels seem to always stay at full strength. Probably one of the best value phones that is compatible with Wind or Mobilicity.
Samsung T469 Gravity 2
retail price: $120 CDNIf you’re looking for a well rounded phone that is compact and reliable, the Gravity 2 is the way to go. Signal levels were excellent on the Wind Mobile network and call quality was comparable to the more expensive smartphones.
Samsung 749 Highlight (also known as T746)
retail price $350 CDNThis is an entry level touchscreen smartphone from Samsung. The Highlight is a bit thicker than some of its counterparts however with a 3inch high resolution screen, this phone is a lot of fun with it comes to viewing photos and videos. The only problem we had was that the touch interface is not as quick or reponsive, its no comparison to the iPhone. But at the entry level, voice quality was find and was a breeze to setup on the Wind Mobile network.
Samsung T929 Memoir
retail price: $420 CDNThe Samsung Memoir, officially known as the T929, is the company’s high-end camera phone. It has an 8 megapixel camera and a bunch of additional features to satisfy an avid mobile photographer. A full sized touchscreen and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface give the Memoir user some eye candy to enjoy at the same time. Reception was top noche on the network!
Samsung T919 Behold
retail price: $200The Samsung SGH-T919 Behold is a full-touchscreen phone that uses Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. The phone is packed with features such as a 5 megapixel camera, GPS receiver and Wifi. While testing, we found that the Behold had excellent reception and data speeds on the Wind Mobile network. Keep in mind, these phones are also compatible with Mobilicity.
Samsung T819
retail price: $120 CDNThis is another slider phone compatible with the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity network. it has basic features and features a 1.3-megapixel camera, a music player, Bluetooth, and a speakerphone. The reception on this phone was average and the call quality on the Wind network was not all that great either. During our test, we found that the voices were a bit fuzzy.
Samsung T639
retail price: $60This is another basic flip phone offered by Samsung and is compatible with Wind. it is light and small and includes basic features you would expect in a cellphone today. Although the reception seem to hover around full strength, the sound quality was not that great. All in all, its not bad for a budget phone.
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
retail price:$900 CDNThe XPERIA X10 is a top noche cellphone that is compatible on Wind Mobile. The phone is slim and has a generous 4inch screen. It runs the Andriod OS with ease. It is probably once of the best Andriod phones out there and the touch screen is even more responsive than the HTC lines.
Sony Ericsson TM506
retail price: $70 CDNThe TM506 is a simple, sleek and easy to use flip phone. It has a solid build and feels like a high-end phone. With most Sony products, this one supports the memory stick micro slot. it also comes with a 2.2 QVGA screen. We found that the reception was average with this phone on Wind, and noticed that the signal never really stayed at full strength. However, for the price and the features, this phone offers a good value.
Tmobile Tap (Huawei U7519)
retail price: $120 CDNThis is a touch screen smartphone by Huawei. This phone is offerd by Wind Mobile and is a basic entry level smartphone. It has a comfortable design and is lightweight. The call quality is excellent on Wind is excellent. However, the only problem is with the smaller screen everything seems a little more cramped. Dialing a phone number is somewhat of a challenge.
Tmobile Dash 3G (HTC)
retail price: $360 CDNThis smartphone is sleek and lightweight with a design very similar to the Blackberry’s. The screen resolution is excellent and 3G speeds were blazing fast on the Wind network. The only problem we noticed is that sometimes there is a lag and the applications tend to slow when loading. This can possibly be due the the phone running on the Windows mobile platform.
Tmobile Sidekick LX 2009
retail price: $450 CDNThe Sidekick is a great phone for those who can’t live without a keyboard. The flip-out screen works as most Sidekick phones do and the keys are responsive to touch. The phone is fully compatible on the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity networks and are were able to connect effortlessly. The only downfall is that during our conversations, we noticed that at times you can hear yourself almost like an echo.

We have started a list of other Wind Mobile and Mobilicity compatible list continues here

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  1. There are many GSM phones available. But I guess with WindMobile and Mobilicity, they work on a different band (AWS I think). THis is a great list. Thanks.

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  3. The HTC magic is available new on ebay for around $150 CDN.

  4. You should add the Mytouch 4G (the t-mobile version) to this list. It is the exact same hardware as the Panache that Mobilicity sells. I bought the T-mobile version from the US and it works great on the mobilicity network.

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