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Windows Phone 7 for Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

Wind mobile and Mobilicity customers have something to rejoice about this upcoming year. The launch of the new Windows Phone 7 for cellphones is sure to be on everyone’s wish list. Are you looking for a phone that is compatible with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity and runs on Windows Phone 7? Here is a list of the current phones that work.

HTC HD7 (AWS version)
retail price: $550 CDN

The HTC HD7 is your answer to Windows Phone 7 cravings on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. The phone offers an impressive 4.3″ screen, 5Megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, wifi and fully integrated with your social networks: Facebook. The HTC HD7 will work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity because it supports the AWS Band. There are 2 versions of this phone, so make sure you buy the AWS version that is specially made for networks like Wind and Mobilicity.

Dell Venue Pro
retail price: $500 CDN

When you think of cellphones, the name DELL hardly comes to mind. The last thing you would think is that they would make a Windows Phone 7 device that works on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. No kidding! The Dell Venue Pro aims at those that want to do everything with their phone. The Venue Pro comes with a slide out keyboard, 4.1″ screen, 5megapixel camera, Wifi G/N and all the standard features you would see in a smartphone. It supports 1700mhz band which we give 2 thumbs up! Just put your Wind or Mobilicity SIM card in and you’re ready to go!

We will be adding to this list as new phones are released. In the meantime, make sure you check out our comprehensive list of phones that work with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity.