phones compatible with Public Mobile

Public Mobile is a Canadian cell phone company which launched in 2010. The company’s phone networks are based on CDMA technology and this means you won’t be able to bring your unlocked GSM phone to them. Since their technology is unique, their network will only support phones that are specifically built for their network. Here’s a list of phones that are compatible with the Public Mobile network.


retail price: $50 CDN

ZTE which stands for Zhong Xing Telecommunication is a Chinese company specifically good at making CDMA phones. The C70 phone is a lightweight and simple slider phone with just the right amount of features. It has a large 2.0″ colour screen with a keypad that slides out. Bluetooth. A camera and speakerphone. The reception on the Public Mobile network is great with this phone.

Kyocera Tomo

retail price: $55CDN

The Tomo is great for people who like a flip phone. The phone is a good size and the buttons are large, great if you don’t like fumbling around with the keys. It comes with 2 screens, speakerphone and has bluetooth compatibility. This phone is compatible on the Public Mobile network.

Samsung R312

retail price: $60 CDN

I’m glad Samsung has decided to make a phone that is compatible on the Public Mobile network. Samsung usually produces phones with great reception. This R312 is a great example. Reception on this phone is always on the high end. No drop calls. This is a well rounded flip phone with bluetooth, camera, speakerphone and voice dialing. It is also compact and well worth the extra $10 you have to pay over the other phones on the Public Mobile network.

Kyocera G2GO

retail price: $70 CDN

If you feel like spending a little more money, we would recommend the G2G0. It resembles the LG Neon and works just as well. The full QWERTY keyboard slides out and is perfect for text messaging. Retailing for only $70 you get the best bang for your buck. It comes with bluetooth, camear, speakerphone and even a memory card slot to store all your music and pictures.

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