iPhone 5 on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

Today (September 12, 2012) was the day many iPhone fans were waiting for, will the iPhone 5 work on Wind Mobile, Mobilicity or T-Mobile? Will the new iPhone 5 support the AWS band 1700mhz?

Apple has unveiled its newest  iPhone in the successful smartphone line -  it is thinner and lighter than previous models and comes with a bigger 4inch screen. The body is solidly built entirely out of glass and aluminum.

The iPhone 5 will come with a new antenna which supports the faster 4G network known as LTE. This is great news for the larger carriers in the US and in Canada. Rogers, Bell and Telus will be able to offer the iPhone 5 to their customers. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 will not work with Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, T-Mobile  or Public Mobile.

The iPhone 5 chipset does not support the AWS band of 1700mhz which is required for Wind Mobile and Mobilicity in Canada. Despite the promising rumors, customers who are currently on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity will have to wait yet again to get the iPhone. however, if Wind Mobile or Mobilicity move towards upgrading their networks to LTE, there may be a glimmer of hope.

Wind Mobile and Mobilicity customers will have to look for alternatives (i.e. Galaxy S3), but if you were hoping to take advantage of the great data plans on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity you’re out of luck. You will have to sign up with the bigger players in the market – for most this means bigger data costs and may not be worth the switch. The iPhone 5 will not work on Wind or Mobilicty for many reasons. Here are 5 more reasons why.

The new Apple iPhone 5 will not work on Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, or T-mobile. Period. But don’t fret, there are many alternatives (kinda).

Check out out list of phones which are compatible here and also our latest 2012 Wind/Mobilicity compatible phones.

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  1. I like wind, but ihave lgp999 phone, I m not happy ,I like I phone 5, when avlibel then rgt now I bay I phone, plz email

  2. Nah, the iPhone will be compatible with WIND in April-ish, same goes for mobilcity and videotron)

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