iPhone 5 CDMA version might work on Public Mobile

As we all know, those who are on Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile have been hoping that the iPhone 5 will work on their network, but that was not the case with the recent launch.

Having said that, if we dig a little deeper into this issue, and looking at the specs ( http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ ), it seems like the iPhone 5 (CDMA version) A1429 supports the same bands that the GSM A1429 offers. The CDMA iPhone which will be sold in the US with the GSM A1429 being the only worldwide non-US version offered. Considering this, it is quite possible that the iPhone 5 will work on Public Mobile.

Naturally we would think that it could be possible to have it connected to Public Mobile’s PCS G spectrum. However, band support does not guarantee support on all LTE networks running on the same bands, plus companies such as Public Mobile would have to offer micro-SIMs.

For now, we can only imagine the possibilities. For Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, T-Mobile, Public Mobile and other carriers who are on different bands (AWS or other) the new iPhone 5 is not compatible.  These guys may have to wait until iPhone 9. But don’t quote us on that!

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