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Convenient Untruths about Credit Reports

As you know, many financial agencies use credit reports today to help them determine everything and anything to to with loans and mortgages. If you have ever walked into a bank over the past years, you’ll notice that the mortgage broker, before he starts any application, will ask for your ID and will pull up a credit check. Canadian credit scores are deemed one of the most important 3 digit numbers used today in the financial industry.

As this is a phone review site, you will notice that Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile offer the best discounts for those that sign up to pay on a monthly basis. Not the pre-paid plans, but the ongoing month to month plans. But for you to get onto those plans, you will need to get a credit score check completed.┬áIf you have a bad credit score, you’ll likely be out of luck! no wind tab for you. If you want to find out what credit score you have visit: