Cable Internet providers in Toronto

Looking for cheap cable internet? The majority of households in Toronto would look to either Rogers or Bell for high-speed internet. Rogers is by default the High-Speed internet provider. That is until just recently!

I was a Rogers High-speed customer on the express plan. Which gave me 60Gig of bandwidth a month for a whopping $46.99+tax monthly. This was already too expensive. Especially today where video downloads, Youtube streaming and for those signed up on netflix. Watching a few movies will suck up all your bandwidth. Not too mention the bandwidth taken up by your voip line. Luckily Rogers is only allowed to charge an additional $50 maximum for going over the bandwidth.  What!! $50? yes… still too much money in my eyes.

Cheap High-Speed Cable Internet in Toronto found!

Fortunately for the individuals willing to do a little research, you can find cheap high-speed CABLE Internet in Toronto other than Rogers.

TekSavvy -

TekSavvy offers Cable internet at a much lower price. When looking at Rogers was offering me, I realize for around the same price, I could go with Extreme Cable on TekSavvy.  Or for the same speeds I could have 200GB of bandwidth. Enough for my video watching and downloads

Service Down Up Gig Cap Price
Lite Cable 3 Mbps 256 K 200 $27.95
Express Cable 10 Mbps 512 K 200 $36.95
Extreme Cable 15 Mbps 1 Mbps 200 $42.95
Extreme Cable Pro 15 Mbps 1 Mbps Unlimited $54.95

Acanac -

Acanac also offers high-speed cable internet for Toronto. They have 2 packages: 10Mbps and 15Mbps speeds. Both packages are cheaper than what is offered by Rogers.

10Mbps package costs $35.95/month if you pay 1yr in advance.

15Mbps package costs $39.95/month if you pay 1yr in advance.

Acanac offers unlimited bandwidth on both packages. Provides you with a static IP address, virus check, emails and more.

So the next time you’re in the market to look for cheap cable internet in Toronto. Check out TekSavvy and Acanac before you lock yourself in to Rogers.

3 Responses to Cable Internet providers in Toronto

  1. Anyone heard of vintone telecommunications?

  2. TekSavvy is jacking their loyal customers. The price went up to $70 even after taxes and now they want me to pay an extra $9.71 that they “forgot” to charge me two months ago. “It’s a one time adjustment” I was told.
    As much as I hate Rogers, I may have to go with them if it’s cheaper.

  3. I am an regular customer Bell Canada (Fibe 6) for over than 10 years. There are numerous times that I have problem on the internet connection. Recently I have to pay $80 more each month, because my family members like watch youtube. I have talked with customer service, if anything they can do (reduce it). They said NOPE. I feel so bad to Bell that they are losing customers. It is time for me to move on to other providers.

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