5 reasons why iPhone 5 will not work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity

I was able to use my iPhone 5 on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity and was even able to take advantage of the unlimited data. Not! That was only in my dreams.  It’s been a few months since the Apple released the iPhone 5 and having sold millions they are still in high demand. Meanwhile Wind Mobile and Mobilicity customers stand on the sidelines. All of them are hoping that some smart genius could somehow jailbreak the iPhone 5 and make it compatible with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.

This my friend is call wishful thinking. As logical as it may sound, your dreams of having an iPhone 5 work on the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are next to NONE! Here are 5 quick reason’s why you will not be able to use the iPhone 5 on the network.

1. Apple and the iPhone 5 don’t know Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

What is meant by this is that Apple is in the business of making money. They need to sell the iPhone to the masses. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are really just small fries in the whole scheme of things and making the iPhone 5 for Wind or Mobilicity would require them to create a whole new iPhone. This would mean more costs and would mean cutting into Apple’s profit margins. Not a good idea form a business point of view. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity just don’t have enough subscribers to make a case for creating a whole new iPhone. Even if they did, it doesn’t mean that 100% of their customers want iPhones.

2. SIM cards on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity do not fit into the iPhone 5

Wouldn’t it be nice if the iPhone 5 works like all other phones where you can just yank the SIM card out of your existing phone and put it into the iPhone? Unfortunately, Apple decided to get fancy with its SIM card and make it super small. Yes, the iPhone uses a SIM card, but a smaller version. Even if somehow someone made the iPhone 5 compatible with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, you won’t be able to activate it because Wind and Mobilicity don’t even sell the micro-SIM cards that Apple iPhone requires!

3. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are running in the AWS lane

What this means is that for any phone to work on Wind or Mobilicity, it has to be able to support AWS running at 1700mhz. Basically it is a special frequency that these networks run on. Not many cell phone carriers use that frequency. T-Mobile in the United States come to mind. Even then, to be able to support AWS, Apple would have to cram in another antenna that will be able to connect to Wind and Mobilicity networks. This won’t ever happen unless it becomes remotely profitable for Apple.

4. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity networks not prepared

This points more on the fact that Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are still building out their networks. The better network they have the more stable it will be. Apple is a stickler when it comes to quality networks. They want users of the iPhone 5 to have a certain level of experience with the phone. If the iPhone 5 was put onto a slower network, customers would think that iPhone has slow connection problems. Besides, the iPhone will eat up a lot of data bandwidth and will completely shut down the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity networks in a matter of minutes!

5. Apple likes to hang around with the big boys

If you have noticed, Apple likes to do business in the big leagues. The larger companies such as Bell, Telus and Rogers are willing to pay $$$ to have the iPhone 5 on their network. Before Apple even sold a single iPhone 5, they already made money from exclusive deals with the larger cell phone carriers. It would cost Wind and Mobilicity customers a lot of money if they wanted to purchase an iPhone 5 that is not subsidized in any form.

There you have it. Will the iPhone 5 work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity? The answer is a simple NO. If you want to experience the iPhone 5 you will have to give up your great data plans on Wind or Mobilicity and join the many people spending big $$$ monthly to support an iPhone.

2 Responses to 5 reasons why iPhone 5 will not work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity

  1. Some of these facts may be true, but if Wind decides to set up 4G towers with the same frequency, all that would have to be done is cutting the sim card to fit the iPhone 5. T-mobile didn’t always allow iPhone’s on their network, but people got by through unlocks. With an unlocked iPhone, as long as the frequencies are the same it should potentially work!

  2. WIND has released an official statement on their facebook page that it will be getting the iphone5.

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