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Apple iPad works Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

Canadians can use the Apple iPad on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity and take advantage of the data plans. Customers who have signed up to Wind Mobile and Mobilicity have generous data plans and in most cases they are inexpensive and provide unlimited data usage.

How does the iPad connect to the internet?

The iPad connects in 2 distinct ways

  • Through the mobile network (3G connectivity)
  • Through Wifi

The most convenient way for the iPad to connect online is to have the iPad connect directly to the mobile network. How it works is that your cellphone company will provide you with a SIM card, similar to your mobile phone. The SIM card is then inserted into the iPad (3G version) and is able to directly connect to the cell phone provider data networks. In Canada, the iPad 3G will only work on Rogers, FIDO, Bell and Telus.

The second option is to have the iPad connected through Wi-Fi. All iPads support Wi-Fi connectivity. Usually this is done through your home internet router. The internet router is the connection point which sends out signals to your iPad allowing you to connect to the internet.

Unlimited data for iPad on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

In most cases, Canadians will connect their iPad through wifi at home and call it a day. But what if you are out, maybe at a restaurant or at the library? If the establishment doesn’t have free wifi you can still connect to the internet using your Wind Mobile or Mobilicity compatible smart phone.

Create a WIFI hotspot

This little known method allows you to connect your iPad to your WIND or Mobilicity data plans. A WiFi hot-spot is really just like your internet at home. Instead of using a router and internet modem, you can use your smart phone such as the Galaxy or any Blackberry.

If you have any Android Smartphone or a phone that can create a Wifi hotspot (like a Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Touch etc) you’re in luck. Android phones and Blackberries have the capability to create a hotspot and allow you to share your phone’s internet plan with your iPad. Creating a Wifi Hot spot is a great alternative to spending loads of money on a separate data plan. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity allow you to connect to their data over a hotspot at no additional cost.

How do I create a hotspot?

Use your phone to create a Wifi hotspot and give it a name (SSID) and a password. Usually there is an option in the connectivity section of your phone to turn on a hot spot feature. Once you get your Wifi up and running, turn on the iPad wifi, and look for the SSID that you just created. Connect to the network, enter the password and you’re well on your way to enjoy online access.

Creating a wifi hotspot does not cost extra. Your iPad will share your unlimited data plan with your phone. If you are on a Wind Mobile or Mobilicity cell phone plan that offers unlimited data, you can connect your iPad for free. So the only small inconvenience is that you will have to have your cell phone with you all the time to have the iPad connected to the internet.

Enjoy your unlimited iPad data access through Wind and Mobilicity.

iPhone 5 compatible with Public Mobile?

iPhone 5 is one of the most coveted smart phones on the market today. If you are signed up on Public Mobile and want to use an iPhone, there are a few things to consider before getting into a long term contract.

What is Public Mobile?

Public Mobile is one of the recent Canadian phone company start ups, operating mainly in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara and Montreal. Subscribers on Public Mobile have been treated to some of the most affordable cell phone plans.


Using iPhone on Public Mobile

Have you considered getting an unlocked iPhone and using it on Public Mobile? There are many unlocked iPhones that can be purchased on the market today, but how do you know if it works on Public Mobile?

Before you go out and purchase any unlocked iPhone, you need to consider a few things

Public Mobile works on CDMA2000

CDMA200 is a wireless band or operating frequency that all Public Mobile phones work on. The phones currently offered by the company are specially engineered to work on their networks. This includes some of the touch screen smartphones: ZTE N672, the Android Kyocera Rise and the Public Mobile Max.

GSM iPhone 5 compatibility with Public Mobile

If you own a GSM phone, such as the GSM version of the iPhone, you are out of luck. The phone will not work on Public Mobile. It operates on a completely different technology and there is no way to unlock or make it work.

Will the CDMA version of iPhone 5 work on Public Mobile?

Although Apple has released a CDMA version, you can’t simply get the phone unlocked and try to hook it up to Public Mobile’s CDMA network. The technologies are similar, but Public Mobile networks work on a specialize technology that will only support certain cell phones. The iPhone does not have support on Public Mobile. It will not be compatible even if it is unlocked.

In short, the iPhone 5 is not compatible with Public Mobile, unlocked, jailbroken or otherwise. Apple will need to release a version with a new antenna to work on Public Mobile networks.