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5 reasons why iPhone 5 will not work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity

I was able to use my iPhone 5 on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity and was even able to take advantage of the unlimited data. Not! That was only in my dreams. ┬áIt’s been a few months since the Apple released the iPhone 5 and having sold millions they are still in high demand. Meanwhile Wind Mobile and Mobilicity customers stand on the sidelines. All of them are hoping that some smart genius could somehow jailbreak the iPhone 5 and make it compatible with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.

This my friend is call wishful thinking. As logical as it may sound, your dreams of having an iPhone 5 work on the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are next to NONE! Here are 5 quick reason’s why you will not be able to use the iPhone 5 on the network.

1. Apple and the iPhone 5 don’t know Wind Mobile and Mobilicity

What is meant by this is that Apple is in the business of making money. They need to sell the iPhone to the masses. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are really just small fries in the whole scheme of things and making the iPhone 5 for Wind or Mobilicity would require them to create a whole new iPhone. This would mean more costs and would mean cutting into Apple’s profit margins. Not a good idea form a business point of view. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity just don’t have enough subscribers to make a case for creating a whole new iPhone. Even if they did, it doesn’t mean that 100% of their customers want iPhones.

2. SIM cards on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity do not fit into the iPhone 5

Wouldn’t it be nice if the iPhone 5 works like all other phones where you can just yank the SIM card out of your existing phone and put it into the iPhone? Unfortunately, Apple decided to get fancy with its SIM card and make it super small. Yes, the iPhone uses a SIM card, but a smaller version. Even if somehow someone made the iPhone 5 compatible with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, you won’t be able to activate it because Wind and Mobilicity don’t even sell the micro-SIM cards that Apple iPhone requires!

3. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are running in the AWS lane

What this means is that for any phone to work on Wind or Mobilicity, it has to be able to support AWS running at 1700mhz. Basically it is a special frequency that these networks run on. Not many cell phone carriers use that frequency. T-Mobile in the United States come to mind. Even then, to be able to support AWS, Apple would have to cram in another antenna that will be able to connect to Wind and Mobilicity networks. This won’t ever happen unless it becomes remotely profitable for Apple.

4. Wind Mobile and Mobilicity networks not prepared

This points more on the fact that Wind Mobile and Mobilicity are still building out their networks. The better network they have the more stable it will be. Apple is a stickler when it comes to quality networks. They want users of the iPhone 5 to have a certain level of experience with the phone. If the iPhone 5 was put onto a slower network, customers would think that iPhone has slow connection problems. Besides, the iPhone will eat up a lot of data bandwidth and will completely shut down the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity networks in a matter of minutes!

5. Apple likes to hang around with the big boys

If you have noticed, Apple likes to do business in the big leagues. The larger companies such as Bell, Telus and Rogers are willing to pay $$$ to have the iPhone 5 on their network. Before Apple even sold a single iPhone 5, they already made money from exclusive deals with the larger cell phone carriers. It would cost Wind and Mobilicity customers a lot of money if they wanted to purchase an iPhone 5 that is not subsidized in any form.

There you have it. Will the iPhone 5 work on Wind Mobile or Mobilicity? The answer is a simple NO. If you want to experience the iPhone 5 you will have to give up your great data plans on Wind or Mobilicity and join the many people spending big $$$ monthly to support an iPhone.

Phones that work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity 2012

As the 2012 year comes to an end, we get ready to look back at the number of phones that will work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. It has been a great year for the 2 start-ups in terms of getting support from manufacturers in supporting the newer AWS spectrum – the technology that Wind Mobile and Mobilicity cell phone networks work on. Here is our list of the phones for 2012.

When you decide to purchase any of these phones, please make sure you buy unlocked versions otherwise you won’t be able to register them on the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity Network. And remember, Not all the phones in this list is currently sold at Wind Mobile and Mobilicity stores. Many of them can be purchased online cell phone stores, resellers, and even ebay.

So the next time some tells you that Wind Mobile or Mobilicity doesn’t have many phones that work on their network. Point them to this list. There are over 100+ phones and tablets that work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.

In 2013, only good things will only get better as the smaller networks such as Wind Mobile and Mobilicity expand their network coverages and is make available throughout cities in Canada. Save your money from the bigger players in the Canadian cell phone market and support the lower phone plan prices.

Here is our ultimate 2012 list for phones that work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. Organized by Brand.

Apple – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

We all know Apple makes the iPhone, including the most recent iPhone 5, the iPad and iPad Mini, unfortunately none of their products will work with Wind Mobile or Mobilicity. Hope is in the air for the iPhone 5S/6. If the iPhone were to ever work on the Wind Mobile and Mobilicity network, it will really level the playing field between the big competitors.


Blackberry – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

Blackberry has been making smartphones for the longest time. Their products are reliable and long lasting. Most of the Blackberrys release today will work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. But be cautious because Blackberry tends to make multiple versions of the same phone. For example, a Blackberry that works on Rogers or Bell may not necessarily work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. Aside from their confusing naming system, Blackberry makes a quality product. Good reception and battery life on Wind and Mobilicity.

Bold Touch 9900 Torch 9860
Bold 9790 Curve 3G 9300
Bold 9700 Bold 9780
Curve 9360 Pearl 3G 9105
Curve 9380 Pearl 3G 9100

HTC – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

HTC is hit the Canadian market more recently than the others. But they are already making an impact in the smart phone world. Although the earlier versions of HTC products tend to feel a bit cheap. Their newer phones can rival Samsung in terms of quality. The following HTC phones work on Mobilicity and Wind Mobile.

HTC One S HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation XE HTC EVO 3D
HTC Google Nexus One HTC Radar
HTC Amaze 4G HTC Flyer
HTC Sensation 4G HTC Magic
HTC Panache HTC Dream
HTC Rider

Huawei – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

Huawei came almost out of nowhere. When Wind Mobile and Mobilicity first lauched in Canada, they came with some Huawei phones. These were targetted at budget concious consumers and bear minimum features. Huawei has continually improved it’s products and reliability. Give them another year and they will be up to part with the other manufacterers.

Honor 2 Ascend P1
U8860 honor Asecent P1S
Ascent D1 Ascent P1 Xl U9200E
Ascent P1 LET Ascent D Quad
Asend D1 XL U9500E Asence D Quad XL

LG – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

LG has been around the market for a while and they release some decent phones. But as a newer player in the cell phone race, their products tend to be playing catch up. But if you’re looking for a quality phone, give LG a try. They produce some of the most reliable phones that work on Wind and Mobilicity.

Nexus 4 E960 Optimus P970
Optimus 2X Optimus 3D P920
Optimus L9 P769 DoublePlay
Optimus T GS500 Cookie Plus
Optimus Chat C550

Motorola – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

Motorola has been taking a beating lately from Apple and Samsung. Once a cell phone giant, they are now releasing targetted products. Hampered by quality issues, Motorola phones tend to pop up with issues on the Mobilicity and Wind Mobile network. Having said that, they do have some of the more affordable phones on the market.

Motorola DEFY Motorola ATRIX HD MB885
Backflip Pro+
Milestone XT720 CHARM
DEXT MB220 Quench
ME632 Cliq 2

Nokia – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

One of the former trail-blazers in the phone industry. Nokia was known for making some of the best quality phones. However, these days they are playing catch up as well with Samsung and Apple. Nokia has a large selection of phones that work on Wind and Mobilicity. There phones are competitively priced and have good signal range on the networks.

Nokia N8 Nokia 703
Nokia N9 Nokia 808 PureView
Asha 303 Nokia C7
Asha 311 Nokia C7 Astound
Lumia 710 Nokia E6
Lumia 710 T-Mobile Nokia E7
Lumia 810 Nokia E73 Mode
Nokia 500 N900
Nokia 600 N950
Nokia 603 C5-04
Nokia 700 C6-01
Nokia 701 X7-00
Oro Nokia 3555
5330 Mobile TV Edition Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
Nokia 6262

Samsung – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

Samsung has really made a name for themselves over the past few years. Dramatically improving quality of their products. Not only in the TV market but also in the cell phone industry. Consumers now come to expect Samsung to continually product quality products to link up with Wind Mobile and Mobilicity. Unfortunately they also have a confusing naming system (similar to Blackberrys). So when you go purchase any of these phones, make sure you are getting the exact models listed below. Some Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy SIII come in different versions and not all work on Wind or Mobilicity.

Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII Galaxy Nexus i9250
Google Nexus S T746 Impact
T639 T929 Memior
T819 T669 Gravity T
T659 Scarlet T919 Behold
T469 Gravity 2 T939 Behold 2
T479 Gravity 3 Gravity TXT T379
:) Smiley i7500 Galaxy
Dart T499 Google Nexus S i9020A
Gravity SMART Galaxy SII X T989D
Exhibit 4G Galaxy Exhibit II 4G T679
Vibrant Galaxy S RElay 4G T699
Galaxy S Blaze 4G T769 Google Nexus S i9023
Galaxy Note T879 Galaxy S II T989
Galaxy S 4G T959 Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300
Galaxy S III T999 Galaxy Nexus i9250M

Sony – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

Sony has been around the market a long time. Although they make quality phones, they seem to be trying hard to find themselves. Loosing much of their customers to Apple and Samsung. The Sony Xperia line is their flagship phone. But these have been known to have short battery life.

Sony Xperia T Sony Xperia TX
Sony Xperia ion HSPA Sony Xperia Acro HD SO-03D
Sony Xperia X10 Sony Ericsson TM506

T-Mobile – Wind Mobile/Mobilicity Compatible Phones

T-Mobile doesn’t actually manufacture their own phones. But they do Brand some of the better phones from various manufacturers. A quick tip to figure out which phones work on Wind Mobile and Mobilicity is to check the T-Mobile site for the latest phones. Almost all of the T-Mobile phones, if unlocked, will work on Wind and Mobilicity.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G T-Mobile G2x
T-Mobile G1 T-Mobile myTouch 3G
T-Mobile G2 T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide T-Mobile Sidekick 2009
T-Mobile myTouch 4G slide T-Mobile Prism
T-Mobile Concord T-Mobile myTouch Q2
T-Mobile HD2 T-Mobile myTouch 2
T-Mobile Comet T-Mobile myTouch Q
T-Mobile myTouch T-Mobile Dash
T-Mobile Garminfone T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender
T-Mobile Tap T-Mobile myTouch qwerty
T-Mobile myTouch 3G 1.2

Other phones that have phones that work on Wind and Mobilicity

Meizu MX 4-Core
Alcatel OT-991
Asus Google Nexus 7 Cellular

Tablets/Phones (Phablets?)

Sometimes you might want something bigger but still be able to use it as a phone in some ways. Check out some of the tablets that support Wind and Mobilicity.

Blackberry 4G LTE Playbook T-Mobile G-Slate
Blackberry Playbook 2012 Asus PadFone 2
T-Mobile Spring Board Galaxy Tab T-mobile T849

That’s it! Until next year, enjoy our ultimate list of phones that work for Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and even T-Mobile.


Why are credit checks required for cell phone contracts?

When you go to one of Canada’s cell phone providers, you will find that in order to get the phone you want you will have to sign a contact. The network phones company (Telus, Bell, Rogers, Wind Mobile, Virgin, Mobilicity and so on) will want to check your credit reports.

Let’s say you want to buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy and want to take up their offer for $100, instead of full price of $500. If you have a bad credit history, you can forget about being approved.

Why does it matter? Well, let’s say they run a credit check and see that you have missed payments on your credit cards or have late payments on your car loan. They will naturally assume that if you go on a monthly phone contract, you will likely miss payments on the cell phone bill.

Your credit report is made of up everything you can imagine and you’ll probably want to make sure you have fair to good credit. On the credit report it will show all credit cards you own, all your loans, your address information and so on. So there’s no hiding it.

Not many people are aware that each Canadian cell phone network provider has access to credit bureaus. Cell phone companies have different credit checking criteria and some networks are easier to be accepted for than others. If you don’t know where your credit stands, we suggest you go and check your credit at Credit Reports Canada. They offer paid as well as links to where you can obtain free credit reports.

In the meantime, consider only pay-before or pay-as-you-go plans. It is much easier to get approved and no credit checks are involved. Check out Wind Mobile and Mobilicity have many alternatives to going on a monthly plan and still offer great rates for anyone. Good or bad credit.