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Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile are the most recent phone companies to have come to Canada. Candians now have more cellular options and price packages in comparison to Rogers, Bell and Telus.

This is good news for the customer. Canada’s cellphone rate are among the highest in the world. Especially the data plans!¬†The cell phone data plan is offered for Internet-ready cell phones so that the phones can surf the Web and send and receive email. Many smartphones are able to access the latest high-speed networks offered by companies such as Bell, Rogers and Telus. ¬†However, with the new entrants, data is getting much much cheaper. Although network speeds are not as fast as the incumbents, Canadians have been spoiled with new unlimited plans from Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

Each of the new companies that have entered the market will have specific phones that will support their networks. This means that a phone purchase from Bell, Rogers or Telus may not work on Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile. So if you are in the market for a new phone and looking to switch provider to save money, make sure that your cell phone works with Wind, Mobilicity or Public Mobile.

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